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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Good chances of rain begin in southwest Kansas this morning and spread north and east throughout the day. Some thunderstorm activity with small hail is possible, but severe weather is not expected. Widespread rainfall totals of 1/4 to 3/4 inch are possible in western Kansas.

On the Balance Between Communication and Hype

Verena Yunita Yapi Hype via Unsplash

I hesitated before I composed this morning’s heads-up outlook. My thoughts were along the lines of  “here it is Wednesday, and I’m looking at model data from Tuesday night, and the models I can access differ significantly — yet I feel the need to post about it now.” A really good discussion has erupted online today, not having to do with this system but with the tropical system forecast by the GFS next week. I’m…

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There is No Such Thing as a Professional Chaser

NOAA Lightning at night

A lot of the storm-related narrative so far this year, at least in the Wichita TV market (i.e. most of Kansas) has been chaser hordes. There are many reasons we try to avoid them. The real problem is not the number of chasers…it’s the hangers-on who fancy themselves chasers because they have a cell phone and a radar app. There are some chasers who have a legitimate purpose on the road, and an order of magnitude more who do nothing but make it more dangerous for everyone.

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Aware 2021: The 2020 Iowa Derecho and What Kansans Can Take From the Event

Monday, August 10, 2020 started as just another “normal” Monday for the folks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, the corn was nearing full maturity, and students were preparing to start socially distanced classes at the height of a global pandemic. Nick Stewart, a meteorologist for Iowa’s News Now in Cedar […]

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Aware 2021: Siren Mentality — It may be more dangerous than the storms

What has been called the state tree of Kansas and has mostly outlived its usefulness in tornado warnings? The "tornado" siren. Here's why *not* to rely on the sirens for your warning.

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severe weather awareness week tuesday

Aware 2021: Warnings 2 hours in Advance? It’s not far away…

As Kansans, we live in some of the most progressive areas of the country for the advancement of weather science. Two examples: Impact-Based Warnings and Warn-on-Forecast.

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