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2016 05 16 tornado north of solomon, kansas

Prepare 2023: Tornadoes

For many tornadoes are a frightening phenomenon. Being ready to take action if a warning is issued can go a long way toward easing that fear. Knowing what to do during a tornado warning can be the difference between life and death. Remember the acronym DUCK when a tornado warning is issued.

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23 severe weather awareness week wednesday story header

Prepare 2023: Fire Weather

Field and pasture fires may be as frequent this year as last; the state continues in drought, with nearly 82% of the state below normal moisture as we go into fire season.

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Prepare 2023: Severe Thunderstorms

Dark clouds roll in and the wind picks up…the sound of thunder can be heard from the distance. Severe storms are a common occurrence in Kansas.It’s important to know how to identify severe storms and take measures to stay safe when they occur.

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