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Monday, May 10, 2021

The weather in Kansas will do its best Pacific Northwest imitation over the next couple days — cloudy, cool, and rainy. Improvement is expected by midweek.

On the Balance Between Communication and Hype

Verena Yunita Yapi Hype via Unsplash

I hesitated before I composed this morning’s heads-up outlook. My thoughts were along the lines of  “here it is Wednesday, and I’m looking at model data from Tuesday night, and the models I can access differ significantly — yet I feel the need to post about it now.” A really good discussion has erupted online today, not having to do with this system but with the tropical system forecast by the GFS next week. I’m…

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Chase Log: April 6, 2021

A high-quality forecast, we were on the storm of the day, and made multiple reports to NWS Dodge City. Numerous photos and videos of the storm in the article...

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A Tribute

Though he passed nearly two months ago, our hearts are still hurting over the loss of a valued member of the KSStorm.Info team -- Steve Boleski. As we enter storm season we offer a look at some of the chasing photos Steve was able to take over the past four seasons.

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Chase Vehicle Mods Part 4: The Big Day becomes the Big Weekend

Good progress, though less than I'd hoped.

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