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By Scott Roberts

Here is a gallery of screen grabs from my cell phone video of the same sequence. (The cell phone video is a bit clearer in this case). Click or tap on any image to see it full-size.

So what did I report?

This is the NWSChat transcript from that time (I have taken out items posted by others).


(21:12:23) KWCH-SRoberts:

location: N 37.05.15 W 101.44.11 looking straight north. I’ve been watching two bowl-shaped lowerings several miles north of me. I can’t be certain either is a funnel, can’t get good enough backlight. But they appear to be coincident with the 50kt wind due N of my location.

(21:13:00) KWCH-SRoberts:

Rope tornado on the ground 5 miles to my NW

(21:13:14) nws-ddc-wesley.hovorka:

Thanks scott.

(21:16:09) nwsbot:

DDC expires Tornado Warning for Morton [KS]

(21:17:10) KWCH-SRoberts:

just posted video on twitter….cant see much till about 11 seconds in

(21:18:05) nwsbot:

Local Storm Report by NWS DDC: 2 NE Wilburton [Morton Co, KS] trained spotter reports TORNADO at 09:17 PM CDT — rope tornado reported

(21:22:04) KWCH-SRoberts:

I am at the same location…this is the fifth time it’s cycled from inflow to outflow and back. Quarter hail

Here’s the video from that….

Based on what you’ve seen do you think I got the reports right, or did I mis-report something?

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