We’re calling it a night

Before it gets too dark, I thought I’d share this with you….a 360 degree look from just west of Stafford.

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How to Prepare for a Severe Weather Outbreak

These are the things I’m doing to pre­pare for the storms. They are dif­fer­ent than yours may be, as I will be out in the storms and may be called to help in any response to a storm-impacted com­mu­nity I’m close to. I’ve high­lighted the things I think are impor­tant for any­one to do before a major storm.

Thank You, Jeff

Jeff Piotrowski took a lot of time at ChaserCon recently talking about a subject many chasers don’t take the time to do: help those impacted by the storms we chase.

Storm Chasing ain’t bungee jumping.
We have a responsibility to our communities.

The thrill of the adrenaline rush, the chance for a few minutes of fame…none of it matters if an individual chaser chooses not to play a role in the Warning and Recovery systems. Thank you also, Stan Finger, for your article covering Jeff’s presentation. Please Read This Now.