Tornado Stats for 2017

Where did we end up for 2017, in terms of tornadoes? A quick look at the scoreboard…

Sixty tornadoes occurred in Kansas in 2017. This is near the long-term average, but well below more recent 10 and 20-year averages.

Fortunately, no tornado-related fatalities occurred in Kansas last year, but two injuries were reported. Both injuries happened May 16 as an EF3 tornado tracked for 26.64 miles across Pawnee and Barton counties. This tornado was also the costliest at an estimated $658,000.

— Kansas Farm Bureau (Facebook | Twitter)
writer John Schlageck (Facebook), writing in the Hays Post

John’s post has some other interesting stats, and it’s a quick read. Check it out here

Here are some photos from the Pawnee Rock to Hoisington tornado:

If you haven’t read our full chase log from May 16th, you can do so here.

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