This is not looking good..

We’ve been hearing about worsening fire conditions for some time now. This is the time of year we’re used to fire risks ramping up, which the dead grass is standing and spring rains have not arrived. The extensive drought and an approaching system make the next three days very risky for wildfires.

Fire risks continue to increase across the state. While an increase is usual for this time of year, the southerly winds ahead of an advancing cold front will really push the risk up.

Oh, and there’s a little bitty chance for severe weather, too…

Here are some NWS graphics concerning the risk…and a reminder

So many grass fires (almost all) are caused by human activity — and I believe it’s more due to things beyond one person;’s control than it is inattentiveness or malicious action. Conditions like this weekend mean any fire that starts will quickly go out of control and be very difficult to get contained. Please be #firesafe this weekend!

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