Have you ever driven in rush hour? What a horribly mis-named time of day. I’m not talking about what we Wichitans claim is bad traffic…but real “rush” hour in Dallas, Houston, Denver or Chicago. If Wichita traffic makes you nervous you probably should not venture behind the wheel in any of those places.

There are days . . . not all of them, but a few a year . . . where some two-lane road with no shoulder, somewhere in Kansas — or Nebraska — or Oklahoma — resembles “rush” hour in Wichita. And at least two Kansas sheriffs have gotten a public shaming in the chaser community for calling it what it is — a situation that WILL get someone killed someday.

I overstepped last¬†week in my expression of frustration at “chaser” hordes I’ve previously experienced, which have resulted in my being unable to make the correct decision for my own safety because of a two-mile line of traffic (as just one example). Here’s the initial post, then the responses when a chaser/police officer friend reposted with his support:

Original Post

Seriously, those of you who follow the page and are amateur chasers…please STAY HOME today. If I get baseball hail thru my windshield because I’m in a traffic jam and can’t turn around, it may get physical.

(A small clarification after chaser drama ensued based on the last phrase….I am not threatening anyone. But tempers being what they are….if i were to bow up on someone, I’m the likely loser….fat, out of shape old guy, c’mon…)

Posted by Storm Chaser Scott Roberts on Friday, April 24, 2015

Before I go any further: I should have left out the not-so-veiled threat. Where it came from should be clear later in the post as I explain my true message.

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