Personal Forecast Terms and Limitations

Personal Forecasts are purchased in advance and redeemable up to one year from purchase date. Any unused credits expire after one year.

A Personal Forecast is:

  • For a single location. Location is defined as one address, one community, or one region of Kansas. In the case of a forecast for a trip, the starting or ending point of the trip must be in Kansas.
  • For a time period starting no less than 12 hours and no more than 72 hours after the request is made using our online form.
  • For weather events in a period of 6 to 72 hours. Longer forecast periods are at our discretion.
  • For individual use of the person requesting the forecast. NO REPUBLISHING OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE FORECAST IS ALLOWED, IN ANY FORM OR MEDIUM, without advance permission. “Individual use” includes use where one person is responsible for safety decisions for a group of people and may include discussing actions with a committee or other group. (Examples include a wedding, a concert, a prom.)

A Personal Forecast is generally one to two paragraphs long and will include discussion of important weather conditions such as severe weather risk, high wind, snow, rain, or fire conditions. Conditions of lesser importance, such as hour by hour temperatures, may be left out at the forecaster’s discretion.

Personal Forecasts are requested using a form on the KSStorm.Info website and are delivered by email.

Personal Forecasts are fulfilled between 6am and 2pm weekdays, major public holidays excepted. They may be fulfilled outside this time frame by individual arrangement. Forecasts are generally fulfilled in order of receipt, however a shorter advance period or a larger event may jump the queue at the forecaster’s discretion.

Sky+Sea LLC disclaims liability of any sort for the use made by the recipient of any Personal Forecast. This disclaimer extends to our forecasters, their heirs and assigns, and any current or future business venture of the principals of SKY+Sea LLC, its officers, employees, contractors and their family members and/or estate.

Specific examples include but are not limited to:

  • Injury, Property Damage or Death of any party due to the recipient’s decisions prior or subsequent to receipt of the Personal Forecast.
  • Economic loss, Inconvenience, or other impacts because the recipient made any choice before or after receiving the Personal Forecast.

This disclaimer includes the recipient, their family and/or heirs, their estate, any insurance company, any business or government entity, and any third party who has any impact from decisions made either before or after receipt of the Personal Forecast.

In a nutshell: this is a best-effort, as-available forecast for a single location, given to a single person to use or not use at their discretion. We provide only information. All responsibility for action or inaction, whether in reliance on that information or not, remains at all times and unconditionally with the recipient of the Personal Forecast. We are not liable for incidental or consequential damages in any case, and make no assertions or warranty of the suitability for any use of the information or its accuracy.

By requesting a Personal Forecast you are agreeing to these terms. Your purchase expires in one year and is non-refundable. What you do with the information is always up to you, and you hold the ultimate responsibility for any outcome, good or bad.


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