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These are just some of the places I’ve been privileged to present the Storm Awareness and Safety Presentation. I’m available for your classroom, event, service group or other community occasion. It focuses on the Integrated Warning System, the role of a storm chaser or spotter in it, what a chaser does to get ready for stormy days, and several areas of storm-related safety.

Photo Credit: Jade DeGood, KWCH-TV

The standard presentation runs about 40-45 minutes and covers these areas:

  • Comparing Storm Spotters & Storm Chasers
  • What is the Integrated Warning Team (IWT)?
  • The Ugly Truth about Storm Warnings
  • Storm features and their related risks
  • Safety: DUCK, Lightning and Flash Flooding

Photos & Videos from

  • Andover, KS 2022
  • Greensburg, KS 2007
  • Moore, OK 2013
  • La Crosse, KS 2012

And several photos showing examples of where my storm reports & live stream played a direct role in the NWS warning decision-making process in 2015, 2021 and 2022.

It includes many other photos and videos of storms and examples of responsible and irresponsible behavior.

I also have a 20-minute version tuned specifically to the second- through fifth-grade student.

I’ll gladly customize it!

Need something tightly coordinated with a curriculum or focus element? Let’s talk. As long as there’s space in the time available for a 2-3 minute safety/preparedness message, I’m willing to throw the whole thing out and start over to build one just for your group or class!

Safety & Preparedness are my motivation

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