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Reminder: Lightning Kills More People Than Tornadoes

One person has already died this year due to a tornado in the US. I hope that’s all there is. Did you know lighting, in a normal year, will kill more people in the US than tornadoes? The lightning safety rules have changed in recent years…this video explains what you should to to stay safe.

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Summer Heat Isn’t Far Away — Some Safety Tips Here to Tuck Away

With July 4th a day away, summer’s really starting to heat up for a lot of us. If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this weekend, it’s good to keep an eye out for heat-related illness. The New York Times does a good job outlining what to watch for and what to do.  Keeping Your Cool –

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The Deadliest Catch: Lightning at the Ball Game

…[A] single lightning flash could kill over 50 people with one strike.  It has happened in both China and India where people tend to crowd together during thunderstorms.  There is definitely not safety in numbers when lightning is involved. via Lightning could kill dozens at a sports venue: the importance of prevention. The old rule used to be 30-30. Now the first 30 has been dropped. The rule is when the thunder roars, go indoors. If you

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Welcome to a new week! Our focus in this morning’s outlook is going to be on the twin winter storms that will impact the state through the next 48 hours.

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