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Mark Bogner

Storm Safety 2020: Flooding

What is shaped like a boat and has a floatie at each corner? Your car, truck or van. The reason we say “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,’ explained in today’s Awareness Week article.

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KSStorm Media

Storm Safety 2020: Lightning

A spark of creativity — good. A spark of lightning — bad. A quick quiz and video of a man hit by lightning while walking his dogs, in today’s Severe Weather Awareness Week post.

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Scott Roberts

Storm Safety 2020: Tornadoes

Aware 2020: Not fortunate enough to have your wedding photobombed by a tornado? Here are some tips on identifying tornadoes, choosing a shelter…and only a couple side trips into other stuff.

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New Outdoor Warning Sirens in Salina

The City of Salina is replacing its Cold War-era warning sirens with a modern system that allows sirens to be sounded for only the part of town under a warning. I speak with Saline County Emergency Manager Hannah Stambaugh about the system and why they’re so excited to have it.

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