Reminder: Lightning Kills More People Than Tornadoes

One person has already died this year due to a tornado in the US. I hope that’s all there is. Did you know lighting, in a normal year, will kill more people in the US than tornadoes? The lightning safety rules have changed in recent years…this video explains what you should to to stay safe.

In keeping with today being April Fools Day, this video from NWS Jackson, MS also debunks well-known tornado myths!

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Thoughts on Spring 2018

What a wild day yesterday! Wind gusts between 55-70 mph, countless wildfires, blowing dust and even snow was reported across Kansas. And if that weren’t enough, you might have heard tornado sirens too. Thankfully, the latter was just a test, but soon we’ll have to contend with severe hail, high winds and tornadoes. One of […]

Risk/Target Brief, May 29

The scenario has some potential to play out like last night did in a couple of locations….most likely in southwest Kansas. One model indicates a continual bubble of enhanced tornado parameters south of Dodge City for several hours, with almost no movement.

Another model shows a very early start in southwest Kansas(maybe as early as 1pm), with the system throwing off a line of storms, the southern edge of which would track into the Wichita metro about 7.