Ready for the Madness

Spring is my favorite season. It always has been. It isn’t all about the weather, although it makes up a good portion of it.

For me, it also has to do with sports: the NCAA tourney and baseball. One season reaches its zenith while another starts anew.

It’s the promise of warmer days and the increasing amount of daylight. The brown and gray of the dreary Winter months is replaced with the explosion of color across the lawns, pastures and fields. In some places, brown turns black then green again (pasture burning) signaling rebirth to the land.

It’s stepping outside on a mild Spring morning and smelling the moisture in the air.

It’s our lilac bush greening up, then waiting for the buds to spring to life and tease us with their delightful aroma.

It’s the sharpening of lawn mower blades and the promise of achy muscles after a hard day’s work in the yard.

And in those moments of quietness, when there’s no work, storms or honey-do’s, it’s grabbing the fishing pole and setting aside some time in thought and reflection, all while hoping you get just one more bite on the line.

14 years ago, my wife and I were blessed with a daughter, who was born in March and then several years later (surprise!) a son in April. Springtime is wonderful but is appreciated more so after Winter’s chill.

So, it’s fitting that I start my contribution to this site on the first day of Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Kansas.  I look forward to sharing pictures, thoughts and forecasts in the coming months.  Thanks to Scott for inviting me to his platform and to you for stopping by.


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