Prepare 2023: Fire Weather

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By Scott Roberts

With the ongoing drought, grassland fire season is expected to be as busy as last year. Right now much of the state continues in moderate to severe drought:

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From creating fire breaks to monitoring the weather and keeping vegetation under control, there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of a fire.

Creating Fire Breaks


One of the most important steps to preventing fires in a field or pasture is creating fire breaks. Fire breaks are barriers of cleared land that create zones of reduced vegetation, preventing the spread of fire. This can be done by cutting down trees and brush, plowing the land, and/or constructing firewalls. Firebreaks should be placed strategically throughout the field or pasture to create as many obstacles as possible for any potential fires.

Monitoring the Weather

Another key step in preventing fires in a field or pasture is monitoring the weather. During especially dry or hot days, the risk of fire is increased. Keeping an eye on the weather and avoiding activities that could spark a fire, such as welding, is important. Additionally, if a fire does break out, the fire department should be notified immediately.

wildfires start near roads

Keeping Vegetation Under Control

Let’s not forget protecting the homestead from risks of field or pasture fire spreading into the developed area! Vegetation can also be a major factor in the risk of fire. Keeping vegetation trimmed and under control will reduce the chance of a fire spreading. Additionally, any dead plants or trees should be removed, as they can act as fuel for a potential fire.

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