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The next step in Weather Readiness

The Chart Room

Our weekly look at what we see coming down the pike for the plains, coupled with interesting weather tidbits, quick chats with folks from throughout the weather scene. 

Episodes drop Monday afternoon. Available below and by free subscription in your podcast app.

Plains Weather in Depth

This is where we split the meat from the gristle! Deep-dive discussions with people in all parts of the weather enterprise…topics such as the fear that 5G data service is going to set satellite-based weather forecasting back to the skill level of the 80’s!

Also, deep retrospectives of major weather events from the plains, done by a team that goes beyond the soundbites you see on TV. Episodes drop irregularly, but at least twice a month.

Plains Weather in Depth is available first to members of our KSStorm Insiders group. Retrospectives will drop free for the public 48 hours after they become available to Insiders.