NY TIMES: An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready

“…people were willing to pay more for homes with safety rooms, and to rent lots in mobile home parks with community shelters — features that increase the odds of surviving a deadly storm.” And well we should be, IMO.

For states that face natural hazards like tornadoes, it makes sense to take precautions that limit damage and increase safety. Evidence is mounting that these decisions can be made on a cost effective basis. The enlightened thinking of city officials in tornado-battered Moore should serve as an example to other communities.

Source: An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready  (h/t Mike Smith)

The opinion piece from Dr. Kevin Simmons highlights the building code improvements in Moore since the 1999 tornado and estimates the positive economic impact adoption of such standards across Oklahoma (and, by extension, Kansas and much of Texas) would have.

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