Just for Fun: What Would You Report?

Reporting accurately at night can be quite difficult. Check out this video and tell me what you would report if you were watching this storm.

I shot this video Friday night, 4/15/2016 on US 56 northeast of Elkhart, KS. Let it play out at normal speed….no cheating by doing screen grabs…and comment below what you would report.

I’ll post my actual report from the chat log on Tuesday morning.

FWIW, this is on a tornado-warned storm.

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  1. I believe I saw a wedge tornado in middle if screen at begining of video. Then it was moving toward left side of screen. But toward end of video I no longer seen it. Of course. With out computer information to verify tornado. It could have just been scary looking cloud. As u stated very hard to see at night. Depending on lighting to illuminate what ur looking for

  2. Lower of clouds at that position. Possible rotation on the ground but unconfirmed. And I would be changing my position based on the winds and radar (if available).

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