With a new season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new members of our team…and to invite those of you who see this on social media to visit the site and comment on the new layout and features.

New Season, New Faces has always been a collaborative effort. To this point most of that collaboration has happened with the KSStormInfo Facebook page and in the truck when we’re chasing, with less of it happening on the site. This year, I’ve invited some new folks to join the team. Each is a person I’ve been privileged to work alongside in some capacity through my career.


Meteorologist Rodney Price

Rodney came to KWCH at around the time I left in 2004. I had been the Chase Coordinator in the 2003 and 2004 seasons, and Rodney took over those responsibilities along with his on-air role for the entire time he was with them. I’m privileged to partner with him in this effort to give you hype-free risk and safety information.

Rodney supplied this Bio information:

Rodney Price Profile PhotoRodney is a life-long Kansan, growing up outside of Topeka in the small town of Harveyville. From an early age, severe weather has intrigued Rodney. He wrote his first report on tornadoes in 5th grade but recalls collecting maps prior to that time.

Rodney is a proud graduate of the University of Kansas and spent 22 years in television on KTKA in Topeka, along with KSNW and KWCH in Wichita. He was KWCH’s Storm Coordinator for 10 years, directing their storm chasers around the state. Rodney was part of the team that won the Kansas Association of Broadcasters’ First place award in 2015 for Best Weathercast for coverage of the May 9th tornadoes in western Kansas.

Rodney currently works for Entercom Wichita as a news anchor/board operator. In addition, he provides weather forecasts for The Storm Report. Rodney is happily married with two children and a dog. He is a huge Jayhawks, Royals and NASCAR fan. In his spare time, you can find him on amateur radio.

Rodney’s Facebook | Rodney’s Twitter @1LightningRod

Meteorologist Mark Bogner

Mark returns after a nearly two-year hiatus. Mark and Rodney worked together at KSN for a time. I worked in partnership with Mark back when KFDI and KSN were partners in the late 90’s. While he often reaches similar conclusions as Rodney, Mark goes about things a little differently and it’s cool to have their combined severe weather forecasting experience as we produce Risk Briefings this season.

Mark provided this bio:

Atmospheric Science degree from KU in ’90, then working ever since in the weather business in one capacity to another. From on-air on radio and TV to behind-the-scenes forecasting for multi-billion-dollar businesses to teaching in the classroom and online. Born and raised on a farm near Calista, KS, weather has been in my blood since birth. I am married with three adult children.

Mark’s Facebook | Mark’s Twitter @MarkBogner67 | Mark’s Google + | Mark’s LinkedIn

Forecaster Matthew Harding

This marks the 10th season Matt and I have chased together, and the fifth year we’ve collaborated on Matt’s other big passion is hockey, and he’s doing great work with The Sin Bin, a minor league hockey news site that’s kicking butt and taking names! We’ll be working on adding some of the things they’ve learned about niche topic coverage and audience building.

Matt provided this bio:

My passion for weather started at a very young age. I remember spending hours observing the weather and learning as much as I could about it. I have been chasing since 1998 and with Scott since 2007. So far, I have seen roughly 20 tornadoes and been in four hurricanes. I recently spent five years working at KFDI Radio in Wichita, where I anchored severe weather coverage, assisted in providing reports and warning information on high-impact days, and helped position mobile units. During my time at the “Radio Ranch,” I was honored to win multiple Kansas Association of Broadcaster Awards for my coverage of Kansas’ worst weather. Currently, I’m the Senior Weather Observer at Eisenhower National Airport and serve on the National Weather Service’s Integrated Warning Team.


Matt’s Facebook | Matt’s Twitter @Matt_Harding

Storm Chaser Nate Willard

Nate and I have been associated indirectly through Saline County Emergency Management. When a chaser is specifically mentioned by an EM as someone whose reports they can rely on, that’s a person I feel comfortable won’t hype up the situation but will provide balanced, accurate content (Thanks, Hannah). Nate also bolsters our coverage in an area of the state we sometimes miss: the north central region, north of I-70 from about K-15 to US-281.

Nate hasn’t provided a bio yet.

Nate’s Facebook


Gentlemen, thank you for agreeing to be part of this effort to bring accurate, high-quality, hype-free storm coverage and safety information to our friends and neighbors!

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