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The Inside Track

If you have more than a passing interest in weather and storm chasing, become a KSStorm.Info Insider. New features for 2021 make the Insiders group more valuable than ever!

The KSStorm.Info Insiders community will include discussions of a more advanced nature than our public postings. There is an expectation you’ll have a decent amount of weather knowledge and are committed to civilized discourse. 

Because of the advanced nature of the community,  subscriptions are subject to qualification.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as an insider:

The Perks

The details

Your Insider Home Page is your portal to access all your perks. You can customize the portal for a one-stop weather briefing each time you login (feature still in development). When we’re in the field, you can view the audio/video live stream and interact with us on chat from your Insider Home page. 

Discounts: Insiders booking a custom or on-call Storm Chase Experience will receive a $25 per day discount applied against the balance remaining after you’ve paid your deposit. Limit one discount per Insider per Chase Experience.

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