First storm of the year…and a neat shot.


The flash actually caught a hailstone in mid-fall!

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Follow up to “Quiet start to 2018”

You’ll recall last week I wrote that 2018 has been tornado-free thus far here in Kansas. According to data from the National Weather Service (thanks Chance Hayes/Robb Lawson!) and the Tornado History Project website, only 3 years since 1950 have been tornado-free during the first 4 months: 1962, 1967 and 1980. We’re just 9 days […]

Do You Get A Lot of Tornado Warnings? Think Again…

Several counties along the Palmer Divide in Colorado, along with a batch of counties in the South, get far more warnings than any Kansas county…at least when you count it by minutes. Which Kansas county has the most? (Hint: it’s in the Goodland forecast area)