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Scott Roberts

Why One Cell and not the Other?

A follower asked me during last night’s Facebook storm coverage, “What do you see on the “one to watch” in comp to the top one? I see clouds that are really pretty.” While the satellite view confirmed my suspicion, there was a lot of data that went into that short statement.

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KSStorm Media

Post-storm recovery: Be careful what you sign!

A contractor may ask you to sign a document similar to the one you sign at the doctor’s office, assigning benefits from your insurance coverage directly to the contractor. By doing so, you may be giving up significant rights…and control over your ability to get future insurance.

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Severe Weather Season Gears Up this Week. Are You Prepared?

Multiple rounds of severe weather are possible in Kansas this week, with longer-range forecasts showing a fairly active pattern through early June. With the slightly late start to the season, some have become complacent about severe weather in our area. If you are new to the area or haven’t updated your plans and preparedness activities, here are some tips.

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Severe Weather Awareness: The Rain came Down, the Water Came Up

Flash flooding is consistently one of the top storm-related killers each year. In 2016, floods closed many roads in Sedgwick, Sumner, Cowley and Butler counties following a couple of very heavy thunderstorm complexes in the late summer, and one person died. Simple action can save your life the next time you encounter high water.

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Severe Weather Awareness 2017

Time to get ready for severe weather season in Kansas, starting with the annual Severe Weather Awareness Week. Get started a bit early…kind of like the season…with interesting information about the WSR-88D. It’s the weather service’s eye on the sky.

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