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Unforgettable: Exciting Personal Storm Chase Experiences

Unlike a Storm Tour

We only do custom and on-call storm chase experiences. From the word go, it’s tuned exactly to your needs.

We have a much more intimate, personal storm chase than the large tours, with never more than 3 guests and a guest to team ratio never more than 2 to 1.

Who do you Trust?

A lot of chasers promote themselves as “experts” and cast themselves as better than the big guys. . .

There are also a lot of storm “chasers” on each event who shouldn’t really be there at all. 

Our team has decades of chasing and public safety experience.

No Extreme Chasing

Let’s be real: The most injuries in storm chasing happen on the drive to and from the target. 

Under the meso, we have a laser focus on giving you the safest, most photogenic environment to enjoy your storms.

Leave the “extreme” antics to the others, we’re just here to chase.

We do it Differently

KSStorm.Info operates with a single passion: to improve the warning process. We don’t live for the thrill of getting the closest shot, but the closest one we can safely.. 

That translates to our storm experiences, too. Safe, small, and personal are our watch words.

Lead Tracker Scott Roberts

After many years of being told I ought to offer paid chase tours, I’ve decided to give it a go. But just as KSStorm.Info is driven by a different passion (delivering timely, accessible information that can be used to make accurate decisions to protect life and property), the KSStorm.Info chase experience will be markedly different from the big guys and the fly-by-nighters.

Make it Yours

We only do custom and on-call chase experiences, giving you the individual attention you deserve. No more than three guests at once, and never more than a 2 to 1 guest to team ratio. Keeping the chasing group size down lets us be nimble and able to safely get you in and out of primo viewing locations. 

An example: 3/4 mile from the 2013 Moore Tornado

Custom Chasing Experience

Pick the number of days (3-10) you want and when in the season you want to go (a few blackout dates apply). We’ll meet you at your jumping-off airport the afternoon before the chase. After a weather and safety briefing, we will settle into your hotel for a good night’s rest prior to the first chase day. If the first day’s weather will be a long drive we will go part way on the first evening.

On-Call Tour

Three to five days in advance of a worthwhile storm event, we will let you know the pickup airport/city, the general area in which we plan to chase, and how many chasing days we anticipate. At that time, the remainder of the tour fee will be due. As with the custom chase you should arrive in the pickup city a day before the event so we can conduct the safety briefing and get good rest the night before the chase.

What's Included in the Package

Your daily experience fee covers your motel, experienced tour guide and driver, and all ground transportation expenses. We will stay at hotels which provide breakfast to start the day. Other meals, snacks and souvenirs are at your expense. In the case of a down day, we will cover any admission fee to attractions.

Don't Miss Out!

Selected Value: 1

Plains in The Spring

There’s nothing quite like the plains in the spring . . . severe weather or not! You’ll experience a true storm chase, without the “tour” experience of extended c-store stops, having to wait for the other van to catch up, and the other hassles of traveling with 15 people you may never see again!

Storm Chasing is best experienced in small batches. Enjoy nature and storms in a comfortable group, but with just a few steps you can isolate yourself and really breathe in the sensations. 

(Plus you won’t have a dozen others trying to Facebook Live or Snapchat the experience, getting in your way.)


Yes, your experience is not confirmed until a $400/person deposit is paid. Deposits are non-refundable.

For on-call experiences: within 24 hours after the date and pickup city are confirmed. 

For custom experiences: 30 days before arrival in pickup city. If booked less than 30 days ahead, balance is due at time of booking.

It is not possible to guarantee a storm or tornado on a custom experience because of the lead time in scheduling. Sometimes the weather patterns are just not conducive for severe weather.  We will make our best effort to get to any storms within a realistic driving distance and time. 

On-call experiences are not guaranteed, either, but do have a higher chance of getting a storm while you’re with us because we don’t firm up the arrangements until it looks like storms are likely.

There is plenty to do and see in the plains. Where possible, we’ll take you to some of the more unique places and experiences offered in rural America.

We will cover any admission fees to attractions.

You will be traveling with one or more people who have experience as an EMT, police officer or firefighter. Some of us are trained and actively serving as a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer. We have multiple amateur radio operators, experienced emergency dispatchers, and medical flight crew on the team as well.

On your arrival night we conduct a detailed safety briefing which includes how and when to use the safety equipment aboard our vehicle, what to expect should we encounter a disaster, and we’ll give you a brush-up on basic first aid and personal safety procedures.

You can rest assured our team takes a safe, sane approach to storm chasing. For example, in 15 years chasing, we’ve never had a windshield broken or a vehicle with more than minor cosmetic damage from hail. Unlike “extreme” chasers, if a hail core is between us and the tornado we will not cross it.

Absolutely. We have in force business-grade automobile and liability insurance coverage. 

You are responsible for your belongings; we do not accept liability for anything left behind, lost or stolen from our vehicle or your lodging.

vs. Generic Storm Tour Company: many of these companies have been in business for some time and they do a great job. But it is a tour, and the groups are larger. That leads to challenges like the 20-minute bathroom break at an Iowa convenience store with initiation about to occur and 45 minutes drive left to the target. Oh, and most of them book a year or more in advance. 

vs. “Extreme” chasers/tours: in a word — safety. We don’t punch through hail cores to get to a tornado. We don’t stop to view, photo or video unless we can confirm we are out of the storm’s path and that we have a way out if the storm develops a surprise. We don’t disgorge 10-15 people beside the road or into a ditch — we use field access points, driveways and side roads.

Personalized: we’re not trying to rake in a lot of cash from this; we just want to safely enable people who want to experience the majesty of severe weather to realize their dream. From the moment you touch down in your pickup city, your time with us is all about you. Not 10-15 people you may never meet again.

We use a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Each person has direct view of radar along with inverter power for a laptop and a mobile device charger. AND you get a cupholder!

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