Chase Vehicle Mods Part 2: Logos, Comms Gear

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By Scott Roberts

Yesterday I got logos put on the outside of the Tahoe. There is a “subtle” difference in size between the side window logos on the van and the ones I ordered for the Tahoe:

Comparative Size, new logo vs old


But as expected, they ended up balancing very nicely in the side windows of the Tahoe. I also got a couple decals on the back window. Here’s the finished photo:

Img 20210203 180644 Hdr

Then there was this guy….

Img 20210203 150921

That is one of the two seats that make up the third row. There is no room behind them so I’m taking them out and storing them. This was the first one to come out. Well, I just bought the truck Saturday so this is the first time it came out. Let’s just say it was substantially heavier than I expected. As I cleared the back bumper it got away from me and went crashing to the ground — but not before making my arm feel something like three inches longer! Hearing three pops and immediately wanting to cradle the arm to my chest, I was afraid I caused real damage. Fortunately, X-Ray showed no breaks or torn muscle. Ice, anti-inflammatories, an Ace bandage and a night’s sleep all helped. It’s not back to normal — I can’t lift much — but I have nearly full range of motion, pain-free.

So after work this afternoon I got some things mounted on the inside:Img 20210204 144158 Hdr

Left to Right that’s the cell phone holder, the tablet holder (for the driver’s radar view in active chase mode), and the head to the ham radio.

Img 20210204 144208 Hdr

That’s the view from the driver’s seat.

I’m going to head back outside and try to get a temporary radio install in before dark. If I get it done I’ll have another post soon.

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