Chase Log: February 17, 2022

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By Scott Roberts

Another snow chase for early 2022, helping out KWCH AM news coverage.

Route: 81 miles, 4 counties, 5.25 hours

chase route 2022-02-17

It turned out to be a day of sharp contrasts. The snowfall west of Wichita dropped off almost like a shelf, while from Wichita east it was a blizzard at times.

sat inmage of 2022 02 17 snow


photo of limited visibility near Rose Hill, 2022-02-17
First visibility reduction, to 1/4 mile in snow, just before 6am north of Rose Hill.


Associated report via Twitter:

img 20220217 063306
First measured snowfall SW of Augusta, photo for verification of conditions reported.

Associated report via Twitter:

Additional Twitter Reports:

(oops, K-55. K-53 is west of Mulvane…)

The only place I was able to accurately measure snowfall was in Haysville, right at 3″ about 9:30am.

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