Chase Log: April 6, 2021

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By Scott Roberts

We had been watching severe possibilities for several days, and the forecast had consolidated on initiation along US 56 with a line developing through Great bend and northeast along K-156. There were some indications that storms might fire a bit further south. Targeting thoughts drifted a bit over the three days before the event, and we ended up maybe 20 miles west of where I really thought we’d see action. Nonetheless we were treated to a high-based storm initially, with some lowering bases and weak rotation showing up at times.

Chase Summary

Miles driven: 321


Chase times: 1:56pm to 10:45pm  (8 hours, 49 minutes)

Chase Team: My wife Roxan, Matt and me.

Route Map

2021 04 06 chase route


I’d been waffling between Sterling and Stafford as our preliminary stop on the way to the target. I like to choose something close to or in the target area as my initial starting spot, then re-evaluate and move from there. Over time I’ve noticed that if I deviate from the starting point I settle on night-before, I usually end up regretting it. So we started out headed for Stafford. As we arrived in Stafford about 4:20, we made the decision to push west to Macksville to pause and evaluate.

The severe thunderstorm watch was issued while we were stopped, and during the stop towers started going up to our southwest about 30 miles. So we drifted a bit further west toward Belpre. We ended up southeast of Lewis, watching the bottom of the storm to our southwest.

2021 0406 tue 172624 cdt
Looking southwest from near Lewis. This is where we were sitting during the 5pm newscast…unbeknownst to us until after it happened, KWCH streamed our footage at the end of the newscast — while a large feed truck was parked in front of us and the driver was discussing weather with me!

The narrative continues after the photo gallery (including some photos not in the gallery, video, and the tweets I was posting to communicate warning decision making data to NWS Dodge City).

Image Gallery

Tap on any image to view full-size, swipe to cycle through the images.

[wpmfgallery gallery_id=”224″ display=”masonry” customlink=”0″ folder=”0″ auto_from_folder=”1″ columns=”3″ size=”medium” targetsize=”full” link=”file” orderby=”title” order=”ASC” animation=”slide” duration=”4000″ auto_animation=”1″ show_buttons=”1″ display_tree=”1″ display_tag=”1″]

Images and Videos by Location, along with tweets to NWS Dodge City for warning decision making assistance.

5:54pm, 2.5 miles N of Belpre

screenshot 20210408 095731
K-19 and 14 Rd, Belpre KS. Photos/Video below taken from this location.


2021 0406 tue 175516 cdt
Panorama taken 2021-04-06 17:55 from K-19 & Rd 14 north of Belpre, looking SW to NW.

6:30pm, 4.5 mi S of Larned

screenshot 20210408 095238
855 K-19, Larned KS. Photos below taken looking just east of north. Distance maybe 6 miles.

A brief video of this:

6:38 to 7:11pm – 1.5mi SE of Larned (Ward Feeders)

screenshot 20210408 112956
This was the longest we sat still this trip. The next photos and video were taken at Ward Feed Yard, near the lower right hand of the image.

I also took a couple of panoramic shots while we were here:

2021 0406 tue 184936 cdt

2021 0406 tue 183804 cdt


(Yes, I know how to spell Larned….)

Item credit: I can has cheezburger (

And some video:

Final stop for the night: 7:45pm, 1.25 mi. SE of Pawnee Rock

screenshot 20210408 120636

Didn’t make any reports from here, but we did stop and watch what was really the last gasp of this storm.

All in all, it was a great first in-area chase of the season!

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