Ok, Calm for Most of Us. But for a few…

Garden City, Dodge City and vicinity, you’ll have to forgive the rest of the state if we say “video or it didn’t happen.” The storm system that looked two days ago like it might brush the southern edge of the state has slowed down and brought more chance for heavy snow to a small area of the state – full details in the Winter Storm Warning here.

Life is likely to be pretty inconvenient in those areas, but given that roads are quite warm for the time of year and much of this precipitation will fall in the 30-degree to 35-degree temperature regime, it’s like to be mostly a slush event in those areas that do receive snow. Here are the latest forecast accumulations from the involved NWS offices and the Wichita TV stations (on the TV station graphics, tap the graphic to read the station’s forecast discussion which included it, current at the time of this post).

I’ll let you decode what you want from them in regards to what snowfall totals may look like.

The main determinant in what happens where is exactly where the freeze line sets up and the ground temperatures at the time. The best news of all is that all the purple and pink areas should see between 1/4″ and 1″ of beneficial moisture from this system. And on the back side…spring-like temperatures and dry weather look to be on tap for the end of the week!

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