Wind Advisories and Extreme Grassland Fire Risks

Forecast wind today is higher than predicted this time Tuesday. In western Kansas, gusty wind from the south to southwest; in the middle third of the state, sustained wind from the south, even into the overnight hours.

Today’s NWS Weather Headlines:

Wind Advisory for much of Central, South Central, Southeast Kansas, 2pm to 4am VIEW DETAILS

Red Flag Warnings for south central Kansas, noon till 9pm VIEW DETAILS ADDITIONAL COUNTIES, VIEW DETAILS

Red Flag Warning for southeast Kansas, 1pm till 8pm VIEW DETAILS

Situation Reports from Dodge CityWichitaTopekaSpringfield

Today’s SPC Fire Outlook shows an arc of dangerous burning conditions ahead of the advancing low pressure system which is setting up the South for severe weather Friday and Saturday. Dry, desert wind is bringing very low humidity values in the mid-teens (western Kansas) and 20’s (central, southeast Kansas). Similar conditions extend into much of Oklahoma, parts of Texas, and part of New Mexico. Tap the image for more details.

Day 1 Fire Weather from SPC, 2020-01-08

Safety Information

  • In the wind advisory areas driving will become difficult this afternoon and remain that way overnight, especially for high-profile vehicles on east-west roads. Westbound drivers, be cautious when passing a semi in the oncoming lane, as the buffeting you get when entering into the quiet area in the shadow of the truck, combined with your correction from having been in the wind, causes a threat of you swerving into the truck.
  • Outdoor burning is … well, stupid to try today. If a burn ban isn’t in effect in your county, I’d be surprised.
  • Be cautious of even driving into a grassy area as the hot underside of your vehicle can start a fire.

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