Unseasonal Warmth Continues, increasing winds bring fire risk

The string of almost March-like temperatures is going to continue through the week. Weather models show the bottom mile or so of the atmosphere is quite dry, which is typical for this time of year. Wind will pick up today, especially in western Kansas, where NWS Dodge City says near-critical fire conditions are possible.

Elevated to Significant Fire Risk along and west of a Wakeeney to Larned to Pratt and Medicine Lodge line. Near Critical Fire conditions likely west of a Garden City to Liberal line.

While conditions today are forecast to be most hazardous in southwest Kansas, there is a risk for out-of-control grass fires anywhere in the state. NWS Wichita is mentioning fire risk as being something to watch on Wednesday. More on that soon!

From Wildfire Awareness Week two years ago, but a good reminder today

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