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McLean TX Cone tornado, 2017. Photo by Jason Weingart, as seen at https://www.photographytalk.com/photography-articles/8810-bad-weather-no-problem-this-guy-has-perfected-the-art-of-chasing-and-photographing-storms
Scott Roberts

Birthday Tornadoes for Matt?

Storms should fire about 3-4pm along or just west of the Kansas Turnpike from Topeka to Emporia. For a few hours, parameters on multiple models agree on a possible tornado or two. As the system evolves toward sunset and sinks SE, the threat will evolve to straight line wind. Hail 1″ to 2″ in size is possible.

Scott Roberts

Hail Today’s Primary Risk — If Storms Form

The moisture does not look to be coming north as quickly as forecast, and we haven’t started clearing yet. While there is a slight chance for severe activity in Kansas (mostly in the Coldwater, Meade, Ashland areas), the higher probabilities are in Oklahoma. We’ll be chasing near and west of Woodward.

Scott Roberts

A Wild End to the Week — Maybe

SPC has posted a risk area for Wednesday and notes the potential for significant severe weather for any storms that form off a dryline that’s expected to be near US-283 by mid afternoon Wednesday. Risks for later in the week are less certain, but worth mentioning. It seems the season has finally arrived.

Scott Roberts

Some Tornado Risk, but Hail & Wind More Likely

I wasn’t too impressed with the AM model runs and outloolks for tomorrow. But the PM runs pulled a bit further back west and brought in a previously non-existent tornado risk for Kansas, so I’m rethinking things.

Scott Roberts

Stormy Days in eastern Kansas

The first legitimate chances of the year for damaging weather come to Kansas the next two days. A very small area east of the Flint Hills could see hail larger than 2 inches today. About 1/4 of the state has a risk for all forms of severe weather tomorrow.

Scott Roberts

Rain much of the week, a few storms Wednesday

Some flooding is possible in southeast Kansas Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A line of storms is expected just to our south and may bring a little severe weather to Kansas in the overnight hours early Thursday.

KSStorm Media

No Severe Weather, BUT….

At least spotty chances for rain in sections of Kansas this week, though most of the week will be sunny and seasonal. A smattering of winter weather expected in the north with the passage of a system on Thursday and Friday that will bring rain to the rest of the state.

KSStorm Media

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

A system that clears the Rockies Sunday will bring increasing chances for rain late Sunday and the first half of Monday. Southwest Kansas may miss out entirely, while cetnral and eastern Kansas could see widespread 1/2-inch to 1-inch rains, even a few spots up to 1.5 inches or so.

KSStorm Media

March: In Like a Lamb

Dry this week, with some rangeland fire risks in the west Friday and Saturday. Severe weather risks are well to our south, in south Texas and Dixie. Most of the week will feel more like early April than early March.

KSStorm Media

Ok, Calm for Most of Us. But for a few…

A compact winter system scoots through tonight and Tuesday, to be barely noticed by most of the state but the most moisture of the winter so far for an area of southwest Kansas. Highest impacts expected in a 10-county area.