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Do You Get A Lot of Tornado Warnings? Think Again…

Several counties along the Palmer Divide in Colorado, along with a batch of counties in the South, get far more warnings than any Kansas county…at least when you count it by minutes. Which Kansas county has the most? (Hint: it’s in the Goodland forecast area)

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Six Ways To Prepare for Tornado Season

As the tornado season is starting to gear up for 2014, this is great information — and the article taught me a thing or two. It’s well worth a read or listen.

I hope you’ll take all six steps…

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NWS DDC MIC: “we’re due” for an active tornado season

[Larry Ruthi]  expects a “hot and heavy” start to the severe weather season in Kansas in early May The consensus of the meteorologists Stan Finger talked to is that we’re still a few weeks from season getting going good…but that early May could be a whopper. My concern: the ground in western Kansas is SO DRY.

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A Punch in the Gut?

Any storm that can (like the Moore tornado) remain separate from the others will have a good chance of winding up and laying down a strong twister. The negative today is lower wind speeds closer to the ground. But many are calling this an analog to May 20th. I agree.

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Multimedia Target Briefing, 5/29

VIDEO, AUDIO AND WRITTEN BRIEFINGS ON TODAY’S SIGNIFICANT STORM EVOLUTION. We talk details in the briefing, but suffice it to say we expect tornadoes to form in the US 283 corridor of western Kansas (mostly south of US 50) bey around 3pm. They will quickly go severe, and some may even exhibit the nearly stationary tendencies we saw last night.But for those storms that are able to remain isolated and get off the dryline, the evening hours hold much potential for strengthening.

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