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Mark Bogner

Will This Be a Bad Severe Weather Season?

Will it be a “busy” storm season? It’s all relative! If there’s only one single tornado this year, that’d be a dud, right? Unless it hits your house or town, then 2020 is a “bad” year…for you. Mark Bogner looks at the climate hints that point to what this spring may look like.

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NOAA Lightning at night
Scott Roberts

There is No Such Thing as a Professional Chaser

A lot of the storm-related narrative so far this year, at least in the Wichita TV market (i.e. most of Kansas) has been chaser hordes. There are many reasons we try to avoid them. The real problem is not the number of chasers…it’s the hangers-on who fancy themselves chasers because they have a cell phone and a radar app. There are some chasers who have a legitimate purpose on the road, and an order of magnitude more who do nothing but make it more dangerous for everyone.

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Have mercy on the TV weather departments

The poor weather staff just wants to do the best job they can while making the fewest number of people mad while providing timely information to those that need it. It is the Holy Grail. It can never be reached.

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Lunar Eclipse, April 4, 2015

The Kansas skies are good for more than just storm watching. Woke up early this morning and took my son, an astronomy major, my youngest daughter and two of my nephews out to the Lake Afton Observatory to check out the total lunar eclipse.

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Ah, a weather blog

What will this blog end up being? Only time will tell. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, I would love to hear them and address them here!

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Warning impact: Two People

A thought-provoking piece concerning just how much land in the US is unpopulated…and several examples from recent days where storm warnings have affected as few as two people. Yet most of our warning infrastructure treats those situations exactly the same as warnings impacting hundreds of thousands. These Simple Maps Show How Little of the United States Is Populated. (via The Vane) How do we keep the warning system as effective when it impacts 2 people as

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Lovin’ Me Some Kansas in the Spring

This storm never was severe, but we enjoyed watching it from south of Ogallah, KS for more than an hour. Being able to just stand, watch, and listen — such a privilege. This is looking into the inflow, about 5 minutes after the horizon scan was taken. Here’s the radar shot from the same time frame:

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We are in a lull between systems, as yesterday’s big winter storm moves northeast and the final wave is set to move through this afternoon into Wednesday morning

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