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Comparing SPC Risk Categories and the Categories We Use

SPC has posted an infographic concerning the meaning of their five-tier system for communicating storm risk in their outlooks. Our terminology matches SPC and our usage is generally identical. However, the areas we serve are different, which can lead to occasional discrepancies.

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More Hints that 2013 Season will be Normal, but Late

Researchers have yet to confirm a link between El Nino/La Nina and an active tornado season in the Alley. This year is neutral, a year between the two Pacific water temperature regimes. It turns out many of the biggest tornadoes in Kansas history occurred in neutral years. Most recently: Greensburg.

An article in today’s Wichita Eagle posits a fairly normal season in terms of tornado strength. I see a number of signs that it will be later than normal.

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Winter Storms: The Deceptive Killer

One of the primary concerns is the winter weather’s ability to knock out heat, power and communications services to your home or office, sometimes for days at a time. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold can immobilize an entire region.

We don’t believe the incoming winter storm will effect the Kansas region like the 1-2 punch we got last month, but it does pay to be ready, just in case.
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