April 15, 2016 Chase Log

Numerous photos and videos from my storm chase from near Stratford, TX to near Elkhart, KS. Includes some panoramic shots and video; five tornadoes seen this day….three of them in the span of 2.5 minutes.

There are a lot of great images here…along with some that are…well, they leave a bit to be desired. Be sure to click or tap each to see it full-size!

April 15, 2016 (Map)

I left home about 11:45am headed for the Sublette, KS area with the intent of probably heading furhter southwest, into the Elkhart area. This was substantially south of the target I’d been looking at earlier in the week (first briefing, Wed) (second briefing, Thu) (third briefing, Fri).

My live streaming hardware locked up a little west of Pratt, and between making a couple stops in Greensburg to try to buy a jeweler’s screwdriver, a 10-minute wait for a pilot car through a paving project west of Mullinville, and having to go clear into Dodge City, I lost about 30 minutes. Things worked out fine, though…

Fast forward to a little after 5…I’ve made the decision that the storm which is trying to get its act together near Dalhart, TX is going to be my storm of the day, and I head south out of Hugoton toward Guymon. After a brief dalliance with going over toward Boise City I commit to going on toward Stratford, TX. Another hour’s drive and I’m a dozen or so miles from this beast:

Beautiful structure on supercell near Stratford, TX. Taken 04-15-2016 at 6:52pm

The storm was pushing quite a lot of outflow to the east-southeast at this time. The top panorama also shows the moisture being drawn into the storm…the inflow foot on the right.

The inflow wind picked up as I sat near a railroad crossing a little further down highway 54:

I took these stills just seconds before and after the video:

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Chase Log: May 16, 2017

We caught the storm of the day for Kansas, staying with it from shortly after initiation southeast of Meade, documenting numerous funnels and wall clouds, and damage in three communities including both ends of the tornado through Barton county rated at EF-3 for the damage it caused west of the Great Bend airport.

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  1. Updated total: five tornadoes….three of them in the course of one 2.5-minute video 🙂

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