Ah, a weather blog

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By Mark Bogner

Many years ago, before most people knew what a blog was, I begged my employer at the time to let me start “Bogner’s Weather Blog.” Somehow, it just never got to the top of the pile of the powers that were and the one time that it did, we were bought out (again) by another corporation who had a “no blog” policy. Fast forward, and now everyone in that medium REQUIRES a daily blog post. Working with Scott and the team is the best of both worlds. I finally have my outlet to put my thoughts down in a semi-organized way and I don’t have corporate telling me I HAVE to blog on those days where it is 75 and sunny with no adverse weather in sight for days. What will this blog end up being? Only time will tell. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, I would love to hear them and address them here!

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