Aaand, we’re back!

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This is a personal post as much as an announcement post. 2020 is a milestone for me and for KSStorm.Info, as it marks 15 years since I began my active chasing career. I’d chased as part of the KFDI crew (Scott Roberts in Mobile 27) for several years prior, and have been covering storms since the 80’s. Welcome to the relaunch!

Back to the Future

KSStorm.Info was registered in 2005. I originally set it up as a place for me to use to put all my weather-related links so I didn’t need such an extensive bookmark list. I was still learning to forecast severe storms rather than simply reacting to them and observing them.

Over time, the site became more, and for the past five or so years I’ve used it to promote a safety and preparedness message, which I care deeply about.

2020 brings a number of new things to the site, to our inbox, and to our social media channels. I’m happy to announce that longtime chasing and media partner Matthew Harding continues his association with the site and the chase team, and former KSN Meteorologist Mark Bogner has agreed to rejoin the content team after a couple-year hiatus.

We’re looking forward to a number of new things and you’ll be seeing much more content from the site as we gear up. Each of these is worth a post of its own, but I wanted to make you aware of the high-level picture.

For Storm Spotters & Reporters

Our Tap-and-Report Weather Widget

Among the most exciting parts of the new year is our tap and report it severe weather reporting tool. This free tool is designed for spotters and others to be able to take a photo of what they’re seeing and send it to the nearest NWS office via Twitter, immediately.

Some final touches are still being made on the tool; I’ll have a lot more about it when it’s completely released.

For now, here’s a sample from our testing over the past two weeks:

Register now to use the Report Widget

This information is used ONLY to authenticate reports. No use will be made for marketing or any purpose not related to weather reporting. your personal data is not sold or otherwise disclosed except to NWS for verification.

Our site is now mobile-first, and even can be installed on your mobile device as an app! Here are some screen shots in case you’re reading this in email or on a desktop computer…they don’t show if you’re on tablet or mobile because your’e already receiving the mobile experience!

Coming Monday, Jan 20th: podcasts!

We will have two of them as detailed on our podcast page. The one which drops on Monday afternoons will be available on all the podcast sties and on your Amazon Echo: “Alexa, what’s the latest from KSStorm Info”?

Matt, Mark and I will all handle that weekly outlook as well as our more in-depth podcast, which will drop at least twice a month. Check out the podcast page for the skinny, and look for more details on what you’ll find in each, soon!

Our Insiders Program Gets Even Better

Our KSStorm Insiders program is expanding the content, including the addition of live chat and live audio/video during our chase trips. Both are available exclusively on your private Insider’s Page.

We’ve worked for a long time to have a way for easy communication that doesn’t add another window to the already-busy laptop, and I’m really stoked we have that done! Here’s what it looks like to you:

On my laptop, it appears right alongside my NWSChat tabs in my chat software:

Last but certainly not least...

We’re putting the finishing touches on our tools which will allow SPC and NWS warning and watch information to post on our Facebook page as well as notify you in the KSStorm.Info App. So no more digging through multiple websites and social media tools…it’s all right there for you in the KSStorm.Info App.

We’re really looking forward to the year and hope you are too! As always your feedback is encouraged…many of the changes we’ve made are the direct response to visitor feedback in previous years.