A Record: No Summer Tornado Warnings

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By Scott Roberts

Here’s another good indication that 2021 has been a low-impact severe weather year. For the first time in the last 35 years, there were no tornado warnings issued in July, August or September that included any Kansas county. Only two other years came close to this feat: 2012, when a single warning was issued in July and none until October, and 1988, which had 8 warnings in July but then a drought through November.

Kansas records zero tornado warnings in summer 2022. It is the first time in the records of the past 35 years for severe weather in Kansas to not produce a tornado warning.
Via NWS Wichita, produced by Iowa Environmental Mesonet

An interesting note, given the possibility of severe weather next week, is that October had tornado warnings in 14 of the 35 years graphed. The majority of those had double-digit warning counts. Not that it has any bearing at all on what we might see next week, but this leans toward being evidence of a “second season” in the fall.

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