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A New Ride for 2021

Wherein Pooh, being sometimes of muddled mind and always of ample body, upgrades the chase ride to something that may look a little familiar....

So this happened Saturday:


The backstory is that my daughter’s pickup has over 310,000 miles on it. We were facing several very expensive repairs, more than the truck was worth. So after the pickup’s six-years of faithful service and thousands of miles of driving across Kansas, it was time to retire. To be honest, I’ve not been really happy with the van we bought last year — I’ve been less than impressed with Caravans since the last body change in the mid 2000’s. We found an ’07 Tahoe that will meet the needs of a chasing vehicle quite nicely. Many of the parts from the ’05 Suburban fit the Tahoe, though not as many as I’d hoped since this is the first year of a new body style.

I’ll be passing along photos as I get it outfitted.

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