Although I think most afternoon ceremonies will be over before the real risk starts, my article from three weeks ago concerning prom may be relevant for event planners/managers this afternoon:

Thoughts for Small-Town Public Safety, IRT Events Such as Prom

General Readiness

Six Ways To Prepare for Tornado Season

Steps to Prepare for a Tornado Outbreak

How to Prepare for a Tornado Outbreak was written with a larger outbreak in mind than today, but you may find some of the points in it relevant today, especially in the moderate risk area:



We hear it over and over again, yet we see it every single time there’s a storm! Severe Weather Awareness: Here’s Why Not To Park Under a Bridge in a Storm

How Storms’ Biggest Killer Does Its Dirty Deed

You only thought you knew how lightning kills

Bottom line for today: be wary, not worried. Be ready, not complacent. Act, don’t react. 

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