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Shelter from the Storm

Thanks to Trooper Ben for the impetus for this post! Here’s a map and photos of the Kansas Turnpike shelters, along with a discussion of where to seek shelter in your community if your home does not have underground shelters. I also talk about considerations if you’ve been thinking about a shelter for your home.

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New Outdoor Warning Sirens in Salina

The City of Salina is replacing its Cold War-era warning sirens with a modern system that allows sirens to be sounded for only the part of town under a warning. I speak with Saline County Emergency Manager Hannah Stambaugh about the system and why they’re so excited to have it.

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NY TIMES: An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready

“…people were willing to pay more for homes with safety rooms, and to rent lots in mobile home parks with community shelters — features that increase the odds of surviving a deadly storm.” And well we should be, IMO.

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